Water Brain, The Last Story

"This is a story about white/black no matter what colour you bin born, we didn’t know anything. But we grow up slowly.

"Well that’s the one, that white and, black and white that we, you know, before we had memory. We bin' born. We bin' grow up. We had memory no, we start learning. Old people learn me for work, hunting and I'd go hunting for old people. That's what old people bin teach a man. […]

"This other one here, that’s when we go off. Memory gone, this red and that brown colour. That’s the one when that memory go off, nah, everybody. Through this, you don’t know what you doing. Everybody, they don’t know what they doing, they getting older nah. Sometimes they forget, they forget. Sometimes they start thinking, 'Oh I left my thing over there.' Sometime, sometime they talking, 'Oh I don’t know what that country is.' Oh next time they say, 'Oh I know that country,' they call that place name. Well that’s when that memory gone. That’s that story in that red and brown colour.

"That’s the story, the last story for this painting. That’s the last story for that Water Brain. Well that’s all namaj. Warrinja. Yo. Girayam."

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..1500mm x 2200mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warmun Art Centre