Art Collection Management on The Go

Why should you be tied to a computer when managing your art collection?

You are always on the move when you work with your art. You need to be able to track your objects from any location. They can move from one storage facility to another or across borders to exhibits or loans.

A collections management system should be as mobile as you are.

Collectors and institutions are switching to cloud-based professional art management software. No longer are you dependent on your computer. Software that works on Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface tablets, smartphones, and Mac computers is now available.

Access your collection documentation from anywhere you are by switching between your tablet or desktop computer. This gives you mobility without compromising your information access.

Please take photos of your work and immediately upload them to your account.

It’s simple to photograph your purchase or archive it with your smartphone. You can then upload the image to your database and annotate relevant information. You only need an internet connection or data connection.

Artwork Archive’s batch uploader lets you upload 20 files simultaneously to create object records.

You can save time looking for artwork.

Direct others or yourself to the location of an artwork.

You went to the storage unit and needed to find the piece in all the drawers. A staff member can be sent out to evaluate a piece of public art in the area or at a hospital with ten stories. Second-guessing and scavenger hunts are part of collection management. Know where your works are located.

A mobile database lets you pull up the piece’s location record from wherever you are and make any necessary edits.

Track important conservation notes immediately.

You can also quickly take vital information when you are out and about. You can forget about it all and get back to work quickly. Or worse, forgetting. Everyone can note the status of jobs, whether you have volunteers or are doing it yourself. These details can also be shared instantly.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a maintenance report.

Send the reports directly to the stakeholders using your account.

Lauren Lockhart, San Diego International Airport’s Art Manager, explains how Artwork Archive’s maintenance Record feature has been a great help in her collection management.

Receive reminders while you are on the move.

It’s easy to forget.

Create reminders to remind you and your colleagues. You need to enter the date and send a short message. Then sync it with your calendar. Artwork Archive can email you your week’s tasks every Monday.

While you are away, send important reports and assets.

There’s a good chance that you have a network related to your collection. This could be familial, legal, or financial. You can easily share information from your account by clicking a button. This is even easier if you have these people saved to your contacts.

Do you want to travel with your collection? Organizing consignment sales with galleries? How to coordinate a loan on the road? It is easy to quickly create and send inventory and tearsheets, insurance reports, portfolio pages, and other documents. Find out more about Artwork Archive reports.

You can share information with your team.

A well-informed team is a team that succeeds.

You may be required to purchase licenses for each computer where some collection management systems install the program. This makes it so that staff members depend on one person to receive information or a report.

Artwork Archive is a cloud-based service that allows team members to access their shared accounts from any location, even while working simultaneously. You can spend a little bit of time enjoying this flexibility. Monthly plans start at $24 per month and include additional users. See Artwork Archives’ projects.

Keep your contacts handy, no matter where you are.

Feel free to lose contact with artists you meet at art fairs or who have been given the name and address of an appraiser. You can add their contact information to your Artwork Archive account so that you always have it.

You are out evaluating a piece of art and want to contact your conservator. Quickly pull up their number and give them a shout. You can also send them your completed field maintenance record. Contact management from your mobile device is not a luxury but an essential tool.

Slideshow mode allows you to show off your art.

Are you looking for curious art lovers eager to view your works?

Artwork Archive’s slideshow viewer allows you to find your art objects. It’s okay to search through desktop folders. With Artwork Archive’s professional presentation tools, you’ll have all of the information and images at your fingertips when presenting to stakeholders–executives, board members, city council, etc.

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