Nagula Jarndu Women's Resource Centre

Based in Broome, Yawuru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation – trading as Nagula Jarndu (Saltwater Woman) is a Not for Profit incorporated body with a membership of 70 Indigenous women and is governed by 8 Yawuru women Directors.

Yawuru Jarndu has been operating since 1987 when it was first established as an Indigenous women’s resource centre by Yawuru women, with the aim of recording oral history and preserving Yawuru language and culture.

The Centre evolved as an arts and textiles business, offering training in screen-printing and dressmaking, producing fabrics for clothing and home wares, designed and made by local Indigenous artists. A retail outlet was established in 1998 called Nagula Jarndu Designs, which proved a successful venture for some time.

In recent years, a reinvigorated Nagula Jarndu has a focus on social enterprise and a more sustainable business. Nagula Jarndu continues to run skill building and developmental workshops for local women including formal training. Nagula Jarndu facilitates many opportunities for the artists to exhibit, showcase and sell their work, earning a valuable income.

The artists are now producing unique contemporary block printed lengths, and other distinctive hand crafted textiles and textile products with motifs and colours sourced from the unique Broome landscape.

Now with full time premises, including shop front, we welcome tourists and visitors to meet the artists, see their distinctive work practices and maybe even purchase some uniquely Broome Indigenous artworks.


3/12 Gregory Street (enter from Pembroke Street)

PO Box 865

Broome WA 6725

P: 0481 374 508



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