Garnkiny Ngarranggarni

“In the Ngarranggarni [Dreaming] Garnkiny, the moon, was a man.  One day Garnkiny came back from hunting kangaroo and saw a girl sitting with her mother.  She was very beautiful with long black hair and he fell in love with her instantly. This girl was Daawul, the black-headed snake. However, she was related to him and so it was taboo for him to marry her.

“The old people asked him, 'Who do you want for your wife?’ He told them ‘dawyan dawyan’ (that one, that one) pointing to Daawul. But they said, 'No, she's related, you must marry one of these promised girls, these nyawana, Daawul's daughters'. Again they asked him who he wanted to marry and he said once more 'dawyan dawyan'. The people then told him, 'You must go away!'

“He strode off angrily and walked some distance before he sat down and turned into a hill.  He cursed the people, telling them that they were going to die but that he would always live.  As the moon, he comes back to life every month. The wardal [stars] are Daawul's daughters of nyawana skin.”

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..1400mm x 1000mm
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..Copyright Warmun Art Centre