Penda Goodje Prepares to Defeat the Malan

"The central figure, Penda Goodje, the Kwini hero from a time before the Orolo (dingo) came to Australia. The Kwini and Kulari tribes came together to defeat the two bodied monster, Malan. The tribes worked out how to kill the monster with assistance from the some of the Djimi Wallai (small bad spirits), who combined with the Lalae (good spirits) to determine how the monster could be killed.

"Here the tribes dance and sing just before the Malan was killed near the waterhole Nongol Miri Jadpa, close to Kalumburu. The Djimi Wallai and Lalae can be seen in the painting as well as Pianda Wallai (small children) who were present when the monster killed many from the Kwini tribe, drying up all the waterholes and destroying all in its path. Some giant ticks were secretly placed under the Malan, which turned it into the Malan rock which is still there today. Penda Goodje was killed by poison from the monster."

Courtesy of Kira Kiro Arts

..Ochre on canvas
..1400mm x 1000mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Kira Kiro Art Centre