Gyorn Gyorns

"The Wandjina, he created the Earth and all life upon it. After, he created the first human beings, the Gyorn Gyorn people. The Wandjina then told the Gyorn Gyorn to work the land and do well. The Gyorn Gyorns were confused and didn’t understand what the Wandjina wanted from them. The Wandjina was annoyed, he couldn’t control the Gyorn Gyorn. He travelled back to Wallungunda (Milky Way) to where Idjair was and asked if he could help with the creation. More Wandjinas came back and helped him in all areas in creations. As for the Gyorn Gyorns they became hunters and gatherers. They also show the dancing the traditional dancing amongst our tribes."

Courtesy of Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre

..Ochre pigments on canvas
..1210mm x 1660mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre