Namarali & Rimmijmudda

Namarali is the great Wandjina that belongs to the Wororra tribe. Namarali represents the top, middle and bottom Wororra tribes up the north-west Kimberley on the coast. His laws, culture and language starts from Oobagooma and goes north towards Prince Region.

Namarali is the most prominent and important Wandjina for the Worora people. He created many laws for the Worora people which relate specifically to funeral customs. Namarali was speared in a Wandjina war at Langii north of Doubtful Bay.

Rimijmurra is a powerful Wandjina from the Wanumbul country. Rimijmurra’s exploits as a thief are part of his identity. He used to take from the other Wandjinas when they were hunting or fishing. He would run away with their wives.

As in nearly all depictions of Wandjinas, Jagulimarra and Rimijmurra lack mouths. When the Wandjinas send rain, they make the sound of thunder through their nostrils, but their lack of mouths means it won’t rain too hard.

The painting of Namarali lies five kilometers inland from Langii in a cave. Donny Woolagoodja is responsible for the care of this painting.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre

..Acrylic on canvas
..610mm x 680mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre