Lai Lai - Stories of Creation

"This painting has three Wandjinas, an Ungud snake, a spirit woman, two boab trees with a man and a woman inside them and some hands. In this painting I am trying to show others my culture and my Dreaming. This painting is my story. Where I come from, my people’s story and culture and how I am connected to these Wandjinas and the land."

Kirsty paints the three Wandjinas that represent the three tribes of Mowanjum, along with the community she belongs to.

The Wandjina with the spears is Namarali, who painted himself on the cave wall after a fight at Langi. On his left is Wanalirri, who was responsible for bringing the great flood in the Dreamtime. The last Wandjina is Rimidgmarra, who stole the other Wandjinas wives.

Other images in the painting include the spirit woman, who was the first woman from Kirsty’s father’s mother’s country, and the Ungud snake, which is always connected with the Wandjina as he helped in the creation of the earth – making all the rivers and creating the land.

Finally, the outlines of hands represent the people that belong to the Wandjinas, stories and culture.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre

..Ochre pigments on canvas
..950mm x 1130mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre