This painting is about Kilfolye country, east of Warmun. It is where Churchill used to muster. The Dreaming story for this country is about a snake who travelled and made all the waterholes. The snake drowned a man from the station and stopped a hunting dog from returning to his wife. The snake died. Then the dog jumped over the snake. He turned into a killer dog.

“That snake story belonga this one. Snake bin say ‘I'm gonna put a feather la head.’ He bin say ‘I going la different place.’ He go over la border. Pandanas Yard. Dance. And then he bin camp la river. He travel right down to Spring Creek, making Spring, waterfall everywhere […] Then he got to nine mile and he bin die there, old snake. The dog bin jump over, he bin change into a killer dog. He living la Yunurr now, that dog. Mulunggurr – they call him. Killer dog. He there now."

Courtesy of Warmun Art

..Natural ochre and pigments on canvas
..1200mm x 900mm
Copyright Line
..Copyright Warmun Art Centre