Barbara Sturt

"Life was very different moving away from the bush, I had to learn a lot of new things, I didn’t like it, I wanted to go back out bush and live."
Barbara Sturt

Barbara Sturt was born in 1956 at Sturt Creek Station. When her mother passed away, her grandparents raised her and took her to Old Flora Valley Station – her grandfather’s country. She remembers hunting for bush tucker and walking country. When she was old enough to attend school she moved to Halls Creek.

Barbara began painting in 1993 at the old arts centre. Her ability to blend colours – particularly bright colours – is renowned and she often teaches her techniques to younger and established artists. She has eight children and many grandchildren. Barbara values the proper nurturing of children and teaching youngsters both the traditional and modern way of bush life. 

Courtesy of Yarliyil Art Centre

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