Tjumpo Tjapanangka

Tjumpo Tjapanangka was a highly regarded lawman and Maparn (traditional healer). He spent his formative years in the Great Sandy Desert and Gibson Desert hunting for goanna, porcupine, wallaby and pussycat and recalls the construction of spinifex and mud shelters for the wet season. Tjumpo was a senior custodian for his country, around Wilkinkarra (Lake McKay), and for its Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) stories and ceremonies.

Tjumpo went to Balgo after a priest, Father Alphonse, sent supplies of flour, sugar and tea into the bush to attract Aboriginal people to the mission at Tjumantora in 1948. It was there that he met his wife, Ningie Nanala, and together they had five children and raised another four children from Ningie’s first relationship.

Tjumpo began painting in 1986, the time when many other senior men commenced painting at Balgo. Through his paintings, he became one of the most recognised and sought after artists from Warlayirti Artists. He also became a highly skilled glass artist and was a great ambassador for Warlayirti Artists.

Sadly, Tjumpo passed away in 2007.

Courtesy of Warlayirti Artists

Language Group
..Kukatja\ Pintubi
Date of Death
..January 24th 2007