Bibianna Tumbler

“I was born at La Grange, grew up and stayed here all my life. I never knew my mother, father, sisters and brothers because I stayed with my mother’s sister because my mother looked after my 2 brothers and 1 sister. We stayed the old camp but used to visit families. My mum died. We used to stay at the dormitory look after by the missionary but go back to our families for breakfast, lunch and supper. We went schooling at the La Grange school. I never knew my dad’s family so when I saw my dad’s brother came from Fitzroy Crossing I couldn’t believe they look the same even my mother looks like her sister in Hedland. I married my husband Kelvin [Ringo] in 2000 and we have five daughters and one son.”

Bibianna Camille Tumbler (Badal) lives at Bidyadanga Community. She remembers her father, Spiderman, who used to paint his country and stories of his family. Inspired by her father, Bibianna began painting in 2005. She paints the country of both her mother and father and sees the colours of the desert, the flowers and the waterholes as she paints. She comes from a family of artists including her uncle, Mervyn Nambugardi, She tells her stories so that she can pass them on to her children. Bibianna has exhibited and in 2010 she won the Shinju Art Prize for best Aboriginal Art.

Courtesy of Jacky Cheng at KTI & Bidyadanga Community Art Centre

Language Group
Date of Birth
..December 2nd 1967