Amanda Smith

“My name is Amanda Smith. When I first started at Marninwarntikura, I worked as the coordinator of the Mobile Playgroup and then as the Tenancy Coordinator in the Community Programs Unit. In early 2014 I started working with the women in the social enterprise studio learning how to dye scarves, carve textile blocks and print material.

I come here because I feel strong working with all of the other women. When I come here, I know what I want to do, I want to keep dying scarves and making designs to sell. When I’m in the studio I feel more confident and when I take my scarves home to dye them together with my nephews and nieces, we all feel more connected.

I really like to explain to the customers how I make my scarves and what I use. When I share my stories and see the customers wearing my scarves I feel proud. In the future I would like the social enterprise studio to develop a community program for the valley, bring in more artists in residence and to learn about the business side of what we do.”

Courtesy of Marnin Studio