Nita Williams

My name is Nita Williams and I’m a Wangkatjangka woman from Junjuwa community near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. My mother and grandmother came from the Great Sandy Desert.

In 2006 I was working at home on the verandah making baskets in pretty colours when June Oscar was driving past my house. She stopped and said, ‘They look really good. Can you come to the Women’s Resource Centre and show the ladies how to make baskets?’. I said, “Alright then.” I’ve been coming here ever since. I work with ladies at the Women’s Shelter and run workshops in communities such as Ngumpan, Nookanbah and Junjuwa.

In 2013, I started painting boab nuts at the Social Enterprise Studio. People really liked our boab nuts and the orders started coming in so I stayed to help paint boabs to sell in Sydney and Melbourne. Painting is really big in our family. My mum paints for Mangkaja Arts in Fitzroy Crossing.

I like to paint. I feel good when I paint boab nuts at the studio. I can relax and really think about my painting.

Courtesy of Marnin Studio

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