Claude Carter

Claude Carter resides in a small community called Bawoorrooga with his wife Andrea Pindan, who is also an artist. In 2000 he established his community without assistance from government agencies or land councils. He initially sought approval from his elders and then continued with the support of his family. In the early years, the community worked hard, carting water, and many people thought they would never make it on their own. Since those days, they have gained assistance which has enabled community development.

Claude has been painting professionally since 2005. Painting helps him to clarify and distil his thoughts about his country and the places he paints. He feels the land and culture through his stomach and heart and conveys these painted emotional spiritual responses to the viewer. His work possesses a strong graphic quality. His painting themes include bush fruit girndi (plum), Goorroola (main waterhole) for Minmingalla country, Gooniyandi country: Cabbage Woods, Campbell Spring, Minmingalla, Mimbi Caves and Bohemia Downs.

Courtesy of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

Language Group
Date of Birth
..August 31st 1972