Kittey Malarvie

"I was born at the gold mine – Brockman, near Hall's Creek. I grew up at the Ord River Station between Mistake Creek and Spring Creek. I travelled to Kununurra with my family in the early 1970s where I first learnt boab carving and artefact making with my mother and father. We used to sell to tourists to make money … We would go out on weekends looking for boab nuts to carve and sell. It was a hard time but a good time. These days I prefer to paint and make prints." 
Kittey Malarvie

Recently focusing on her painting practice, Kittey Malarvie reveals layers of meaning and story in rich ochre paintings that connect to her traditional desert country south west of Kununurra.

Courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Language Group
Date of Birth
..July 1st 1945