Aubrey Tigan

Aubrey Tigan was a respected elder and lawman of the Bardi and Djawi people. He lived on the peninsula, north of Broome, with his family. He was very involved with the Kimberley Land Council as an executive member on their committee. He was also on the committee for the Aboriginal Affairs Department. Aubrey represented his community internationally in performing song and dance and had travelled extensively around Australia and the world educating people about his cultural traditions.

Aubrey had been making Riji (carved pearl shell) since he was initiated at the age of 21. He trained as a jeweler and is renowned for being an excellent carver. His preferred medium was pearl shell, however having grown up in bush with his traditional family he was proficient in the making of all types of artifacts belonging to the Bardi and Jawu people.

Sadly, Aubrey passed away in 2014.

Aubrey is represented by Short Street Gallery, Broome.

Courtesy of Short Street Gallery

Language Group
..Bardi/ Djawi