Daniel Walbidi

"We all speak and understand each other's languages and live together as one big family."
Daniel Walbidi

Daniel Walbidi comes from Bidyadanga, a small coastal community 250 km south of Broome and traditional homeland of the Karrajarri people. Formerly La Grange Mission, Bidyadanga is where people from the desert were brought to help build the cattle stations and it is how Daniel's desert parents came to live at the coast. Bidyadanga has five tribes living within the community.

At the age of 16 Daniel actively sought to exhibit his work. He was painting on wood board, old doors, offcuts and anything else he could find to express himself. He urged the elderly people in the community to start painting so that he could learn about his people's history and cultural background. He has since become initiated and continues to paint and exhibit his work around Australia. His works display a complex understanding of his traditional country.

A documentary has been made about Daniel's work and the story of his people called Desert Heart.

Daniel is represented by Short Street Gallery, Broome.

Courtesy of Short Street Gallery

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