Mercy Payrrmurra Fredericks

"I was born here in the Kalumburu convent and my parents grew me up until my mother got sick and couldn't look after me. I was on the other side of the river with the wild mob and then I moved to the convent and the nuns looked after me. I worked in the bakery making bread, cooking, sewing and I used to milk cows and nanny goats. I left the mission to work for the corporation in 1983. I started working for the aged care program and now I work for Community Justice and am on the council. My husband passed away in 2000 and now I look after my six kids and three grandkids."
Mercy Payrrmurra Fredericks

Mercy Payrrmurra Fredericks was a life-long Kalumburu resident and respected community leader. She was known for her versatility, strong unique style and willingness to experiment in her artwork.

Sadly, Mercy passed away in Jan 2015.

Courtesy of Kira Kiro Art Centre

Language Group
..Ngarrinyan / Urarru