In the Saddle - On the Wall

In the Saddle - On the Wall began in 2009 as a project recording stories from senior artists from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre and Warmun Art. In 2010 the project developed a partnership with ABC OPEN and become a Kimberley-wide project producing digital content alongside artworks. The resulting multi-media storytelling exhibition involved the Kimberley Aboriginal Artists group (KAA) which includes Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency and Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre as well as Waringarri and Warmun.

Thirteen artists share their stories of station and droving life and their transitions from working and living “on country” to a lifestyle based on a contemporary arts practice “painting country”. The acclaimed exhibition is still touring nationally. Aside from the artworks featured in the catalogue (downloadable here) we recommend the following short biographical videos: