Japarti Joseph Nuggett

Japarti Joseph Nuggett grew up in Gogo Station – Bayulu Community along the Fitzroy River. Japarti previously worked with the Kimberley Land Council Rangers Program and led the coordination of the Warlu Jilajaa Jumu Indigenous Protected Area (WJJIPA) Rangers. He has completed a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management also Cert IV in Government Investigations.

Japarti now works with the Mangkaja Arts Aboriginal Resource Agency. His role is to travel with elders back to country to paint their traditional lands, stretching canvas and studio preparation. He was also involved with the big Ngurrara Canvas, which represented the 4 language groups within the Ngurrara Native Title Claim that later determined land rights in 2007.

Joseph has attended the 2013 Emerging Leaders Symposium in Perth and the 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program Storytelling workshop in Broome.

The video below was produced by Japarti Joseph Nuggett during the Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership Program Workshop held at Notre Dame University in Broome, May 2015.