Mark Nodea

43 year old Mark Nodea is the Chairman of the Warmun Art Centre as well as an exceptionally talented artist who works in ochre. Warmun Art Centre is situated in the East Kimberley, Western Australia. Born in Derby in 1968, Mark was taught to paint by his artist mother – Nancy Nodea, who passed on to him the stories of her land.

Mark has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, and notably won the 2002 Royal Australian Mint International Award for 10th Pure Silver Collector Coin. The Royal Australian Mint has only released ten such coins since 1983.  In 2013, Mark was awarded the City of Greater Geraldton Award for Excellence at the 2013 Mid-West Art Prize.

Mark has attended the 2013 Emerging Leaders Symposium in Perth and the 2015 Visual Arts Leadership Program Storytelling workshop in Broome.

The video below was produced by Mark Nodea during the Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership Program Workshop held at Notre Dame University in Broome, May 2015.